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Sean Parker
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Sean Parker is an internet entrepreneur best known for cofounding Napster, the file-sharing computer service. Parker has also served as the first president of Facebook. Parker has also cofounded Plaxo, Causes, Airtime and Brigade. During his time in high school, Parker convinced the school to count the hours he spent coding in the library as a foreign language class. Parker also interned for Mark Pincus, now CEO of Zynga, and his startup FreeLoader. While spending his time interning, coding/starting companies in the library and winning the Virginia state computer science fair, Parker earned closed to $80,000 during his senior year. This kind of career development allowed him to convince his parents to let him skip college and start his own business.

Parker has been quite successful to date with all of the companies he’s cofounded. Sean also serves on the board of Spotify, Yammer and Nationbuilder. Aside from business, Parker is quite the philanthropist. In June of 2015, Parker announced he would launch The Parker Foundation with a $600 million contribution. Parker supports cancer research and in 2012 he pledged a $5 million grant to Stand Up to Cancer and the Cancer Research Institute. The $5 million went towards creating the Immunotherapy Dream Team. The list of organizations Parker supports include the following:

Code for America
Stand Up to Cancer
Cancer Research Institute
Malaria No More
Clinton Foundation
Charity Water Campaign

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