• Philanthropists and the charities they support

Make a hole in one to give $1M to charity

Suns Charities hosts a golfing contest on behalf of The Thunderbirds during the Phoenix Open to compete to make a hole in one, and the winner can have $1M donated to charity. “If a hole in one is made, $1 million will be donated ($500,000 to the competitor, $500,000 to […]

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Politicians may be quiet about education, but philanthropists are not

While education has not garnered talking points from the leading candidates in this election season, the end of 2015 showed a significant uptick in educational philanthropy. “Notice anything missing from national politics lately? Oh, right: Almost nobody is talking about K-12 education. This issue has barely been mentioned in the […]

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Kid’s Company received 3M pounds just before it failed

The recent failure and accusations against the British charity, Kids Company points to a cautionary tale for political advisors to put principles before personalities. “Ministers should never have ignored civil servants and handed over £3m to Kids Company just before it failed, Bernard Jenkin, the chairman of the public administration committee has […]

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