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Has Teach for America taken a hard-left turn?

John O’Sullivan once created a law that said that all organizations that were not explicitly right-wing would become left-wing. As this informative article by Shohab Ahmari in Commentary shows, this may be happening at Teach for America. Ahmari, a Commentary staff writer who served as a Teach for America fellow […]

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Quality Jobs Fund Invests $5 Million in California Central Valley

The investment is the first made by the $100 million Quality Jobs Fund, which the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco seeded in 2017 to facilitate quality job creation, finance small business expansion, and support job training in underserved communities…. Source: Phil News Digest

T. Denny Sanford Pledges $30 Million for Children's Zoo

The largest gift ever to the zoo will help fund a $69 million project to reimagine the children’s zoo, which will be designed to offer more opportunities to discover the natural world through play…. Source: Phil News Digest