Month: August 2017

In defense of tipping

A largely unremarked upon, but rather remarkable, development in American life is that Americans are now spending as much or more money on food outside the home than they are in the home. The average American meal is being prepared by someone other than the person eating it. This fact […]

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Occupational licenses are killing opportunity

One reason I keep returning to news about occupational licensing is that licenses are, far too often, used to prevent people who want to work and start their own businesses but are blocked from entering the labor force because a bureaucrat says they don’t have the appropriate credentials. Occupational licensing […]

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Flint Promise Scholarship Program Receives $2 Million in Pledges

Pledges of $1 million each from the Consumer Energy Foundation and Tom Gores, chair and CEO of Platinum Equity and owner of the Detroit Pistons, will help improve opportunities for Flint students to pursue higher education…. Source: Phil News Digest