Month: May 2017

$100 million for space exploration

A recent Inside Philanthropy article discusses Breakthrough Listen, a project backed by the philanthropy of Yuri and Julia Milner to seek out extraterrestrial life. The program, which is led by the UC Berkeley SETI Research Center, listens for radio signals from distant stars. At a recent conference discussing the initiative, […]

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In fond memory of Peter Lawler

I met Peter Lawler when I was 19 and a college sophomore, at the same venue at which so many others like me have met Peter Lawler: at a student conference put on by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, where Peter has been an intellectual luminary for decades. St. Augustine talks […]

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Ford Foundation to Open Office in Detroit

The foundation has hired a Detroit-based program officer to oversee its grantmaking in the city as it ramps up its mission-related investments in affordable housing…. Source: Phil News Digest